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Note: If more than one category describes your business, please submit a separate enrollment for each type your business operates under.

Gross Annual Sales (Millions) PIDB Annual Access Fee
Up to $10$1,000.00
$10 - $30$1,300.00
$30 - $50$1,600.00
$50 - $70$1,900.00
$70 - $100$2,200.00
$100 - $150$2,500.00
$150 - $200$2,800.00
$200 - $300$3,100.00
$300 - $450$3,400.00
$450 - $900$3,700.00
More than $900$4,000.00
For manufacturers that have multiple companies, each division/company will be managed & invoiced separately unless a single point of contact is provided for all companies.

Gross Annual Sales (Millions) Quarterly Subscription Fee for
PIDA Members
Quarterly Subscription Fee for
Non-PIDA Members
To $10$125.00$250.00
$10 - $30$187.50$375.00
$30 - $50$212.50$425.00
$50 - $70$243.75$487.50
$70 - $100$275.00$550.00
$100 - $150$400.00$800.00
$150 - $200$537.50$1,075.00
$200 - $300$800.00$1,600.00

Number of Products One-Time Setup Fee Web Reseller Monthly Fee Retail Brick and Mortar Monthly Fee Multi-Location Store Monthly Fee
Web Reseller Retail Brick and Mortar
Manufacturer Subscription
Distributor Subscription (PIDA Member)
Distributor Subscription (Non-PIDA Member)
Retailer - Setup Fee
Retailer - Web Reseller Subscription
Retailer - Brick and Mortar Subscription
Total Charges
By providing your account information below, you authorize us to charge your account annually according to the fee structures outlined in the Manufacturer Agreement and/or the Distributor Agreement. Once your application is submitted, PIDB will not cancel your application or refund your annual fee. The fee is an annual fee, which is non-refundable even if you choose to discontinue participation. Complete instructions for electronic enrollment may be found here.

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